The H15 Boutique Hotel is a remarkable window into our country’s history. Located in a building once owned by the Glass family, it masterfully combines a respect for our history with a luxurious experience in a contemporary, minimalist setting.

1892- 14

The property was built by the Glass family in the years 1892-1897.Just before World War I, the building was the site of secret meetings of Polish youth during a struggle to restore the country’s independence.


With the interwar period came plenty of changes. In 1924, the building was acquired by the Soviet Union. Initially, its guests were Russian delegates, and later the building was converted to become the Soviet embassy.

1928 - 41

During the times of the Soviet delegates and embassy, the building was the main venue for meetings between the Polish side and the Soviet side. The property hosted conferences and meetings.

1941- 45

In 1941 the building was seized by the Third Reich and turned into one of the head offices of the Wehrmacht. Notably, Germans did not get rid of the Soviet symbols and signage. They probably viewed them as trophies. Interestingly enough, the presence of Germans in the building saved it from being demolished in a bombing during the Warsaw Uprising.

1941 - 2007

Shortly after the war, the building was taken over by the government of the People’s Republic of Poland. The next tenant was one of Poland’s largest transportation companies.

2007- 2012

After a major renovation in the years 2007-2012, the building took on a brand new look. The remodel incorporated contemporary art, trendy design and innovative solutions while preserving most of the ornamental elements from the Soviet era. It was a way of respecting the city and country’s history while giving the property a more modern look. This is how the H15 Boutique was created in 2012.

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